How to Order

How to Order on DANK LEAFLY

We’ve simplified the entire process from searching for products, making payments, and tracking packages. We also make all communication channels open to you in case you have some concerns regarding your order.


[tbay_features title=”1. Payment” items=”%5B%7B%22description%22%3A%22All%20first%20time%20clients%20must%20pay%20first.%20You%20order%20through%20the%20website%2C%20SMS%20or%20Email.%5CnYou%20must%20have%20a%20code%20before%20we%20meet%20up.%20We%20will%20front%20only%20for%20returning%20customers%20with%20good%20conduct.%22%2C%22icon%22%3A%22fas%20fa-dollar-sign%22%7D%5D” style=”style1″][tbay_features title=”3. No Time Wasting” items=”%5B%7B%22description%22%3A%22We%20don%E2%80%99t%20play%20games%2C%20or%20indulge%20in%20time%20wasting%20discussions%20.%20Perpetual%20time%20waster%20will%20be%20prohibited.%20KEEP%20IT%20STRAIGHT%20FORWARD%20.%20We%20promise%20you%E2%80%99ll%20get%20the%20best%20only%20shopping%20experience..%22%2C%22icon%22%3A%22fas%20fa-clock%22%7D%5D” style=”style1″]
[tbay_features title=”2. Serious Inquiries Only” items=”%5B%7B%22description%22%3A%22Be%20ready%20with%20cash%20before%20starting%20a%20live%20chat%20%2Ccontacting%20us%20or%20placing%20an%20order.%20You%20can%20ask%20any%20question%2C%20We%20don%E2%80%99t%20have%20a%20problem%20answering%20all%20your%20question%20before%20placing%20your%20order.%20Place%20your%20order%20make%20the%20payment%20and%20we%20ship%2Fdeliver..%22%2C%22icon%22%3A%22fas%20fa-comments%22%7D%5D” style=”style1″][tbay_features title=”4. Order Only When Ready” items=”%5B%7B%22description%22%3A%22If%20place%20an%20order%20and%20start%20playing%20games%20or%20fail%20to%20make%20payment%20within%2024%20to%2042%20hours%20%2C%20you%20will%20be%20permanently%20prohibited.%20Only%20place%20your%20order%20when%20your%20are%20ready.%20We%20promise%20to%20be%20of%20great%20help%20to%20everyone.%22%2C%22icon%22%3A%22fas%20fa-running%22%7D%5D” style=”style1″]

How to Place an Order

If you’ve every ordered anything online directly on a website, you’ll find our ordering process even simpler than what you’re used to. The steps are simple;

  1. Locate the products you want
  2. Add them to the shopping cart
  3. Modify quantities and apply coupon copes
  4. Provide billing and delivery details
  5. Submit payment

Products and Shopping Basket

The first most crucial step of the ordering process is locating the right products and adding them to the shopping basket. You can locate products through the Home Page, Shop Page, the navigation menu and search form at the header of this site.

Once your desired product is located, click on it to go to the specific product page. Select the right quantity and add the product to the shopping basket. Do so for all products needed, then proceed to the shopping basket to see what’s there. In the basket, you can adjust quantities and also drop products you added by mistake.

Checkout and Payment

After adding products to the shopping basket, proceed to the checkout page where you will be required to provide billing and delivery address, and also choose a payment option. There’s a dedicated page for payment options and we highly recommend you pay with bitcoin if possible. Make sure you learn about the payment options before choosing one.

Tracking and Delivery

Thanks to our tracking services, you do not need to send us multiple emails requesting for the status of your order or shipment. You can track your order status here. More information about delivery tracking will be provided by email after payment has been confirmed.

Returns and Refunds

More about return and refund is provided on our Return/Refund Policy page. Please endeavor to read and understand so as to avoid making any assumptions. All policies are made withe the sole purpose of providing better services to our clients.