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DankLeafly is a team of medical marijuana growers, suppliers and caregivers originating from northern California. We started as a door to door delivery service that covers the part of northern California and some parts of Colorado. Then, we use to deliver to small quantities to patients and recreational users for a small donation fee, many patients began relying on us for their frequent medical needs this made us grow more and acquire more grow houses in three other cities. Long Beach ,San Diego, Oregon etc.

Now, DankLeafly Agents are available in many cities in California looking for EAST COAST CLIENTS to provide medical assistance to patients, brokers, dispensaries, retailers and delivery services. We have over 2000 subscribers relying on us for their medical needs.

We own and run our own business, we are the most reputable suppliers of super pungent, frosty and tasty marijuana strains and other high-quality marijuana products. If you have been in search of bulk medical marijuana, moon rocks, concentrates, live resin and oil , search anymore, we have the solution here.

We have set up an effective and efficient delivery system that covers most parts of the US. We deliver to many states. All transactions are 100% discreet and safe, straightforward and successful.
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  • Cost Effective
  • Insured and Bonded
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Quality Services

Why Us?
We’re Reliable…
We have many customers counting on us for the frequent needs and we always come through with our own end of the deal as long as the customer is acting in good faith.
Honesty And Reliability..
We are the most reliable suppliers in the west coast, we send you exactly what you ordered for, we do not change or modify your order in any way. All transactions are 100% clean and we ensure probity. All delivery reaches you on time, we are completely reliable.
We’re Consistent…
We always have high-quality products, cannabis buds and extracts available 24/7 and all year round. If you are looking for a source of steady supply then we’re the best when it comes to that.
We’re friendly…
We have the friendliest agents available at your service. Our agents are patient and always available and ready to help you every-time you need us. Call, text, For a faster response, send us a text.


How Does We Work

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Step 01

Payment, All first time clients must pay first. You order through the website, SMS or Email. You must have a code before we meet up. We will front only for returning customers with good conduct.

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Step 02

Serious inquiries only..Be ready with cash before starting a live chat ,contacting us or placing an order. You can ask any question, We don’t have a problem answering all your question before placing your order. Place your order make the payment and we ship/deliver..

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Step 03

No time wasting..We don’t play games, or indulge in time wasting discussions . Perpetual time waster will be prohibited. KEEP IT STRAIGHT FORWARD . We promise you’ll get the best only shopping experience..

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Step 04

Order only when ready. If place an order and start playing games or fail to make payment within 24 to 42 hours , you will be permanently prohibited. Only place your order when your are ready. We promise to be of great help to everyone.


Client Say's About Us

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We pledge


It happens when you let go.

It happens when you release your fear.

It happens when you have faith.

It happens when you connect with nature, and when you laugh uncontrollably.

It happens when you are passionate.

It happens when you are inspired.

It happens when you love yourself and when you love others.

It happens when you live in the moment.

Go now. Get out there. Pursue your dreams. Follow your heart. Feel the energy. And have the BEST DAY EVER……

We aim to inspire our patrons to seek a peaceful, balanced, and holistic approach to life.

To produce a California“First Growth” from the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains.

The mind, body, and spirit will vibrate with energy and life when all necessary nutrients are consumed. Say YES to organic, all-natural, pure, local, sustainable, and protecting our environment.

Founder & CEO


It's All About Turning Fresh Greens Into A Medicine

-Boost your wellness with medical cannabis.
-We believe life is better with cannabis.
-We believe that cannabis should be shared.
-We believe that the intentions and efforts that go into the cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, and sale of cannabis ultimately affects the experience of the person consuming it.
-We believe that a professional cannabis dispensary is not just good for the health of it’s members but for the community for which it serves.


Together We Expanded Vision, Create And Make It

-Man has cultivated many plants, but banished very few. One forbidden species stands out as our biggest loss, and for likely being the single most useful plant that humans have ever gotten to know. That plant, of course, is cannabis.
-Did you know the CBD oil you buy from a licensed cannabis shop comes from a different type of cannabis plant than the CBD you find in vape juice? What’s the difference?
-COVID-19 has forced state leaders to punt their posturing and get real about the value of medical cannabis.


Team Of Professionals

Evan Paul
Evan Paul

.Founder, DankLeafly Company

Henderson Tony
Henderson Tony

.Co-Founder, Dank Leafly

Jassine Barnet
Jassine Barnet

.Sales Manager at DankLeafly

Bannie Jordon
Bannie Jordon

.Advertising Agent


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