Terms of Use


1. Make up Your Mind

Make up your mind to purchase and have your funds available before contacting us or placing an order. We won’t help you to make up your mind. We ask for mutual respect.

2. How it works

Whether it is delivery, meet up, pick up or shipping, you have to pay first if it is your first time dealing with us. Please do not try to insist otherwise. Once we form a strong bond with you, we can give out consignments.

3. Meet and Greet.

We WILL NOT meet and greet with customers dealing with us for the first time. We will only meet and greet with returning customers who have made purchases with us in the past and are of good conduct.

4. No time Wasting or Games

If you place an order and start playing games or do not make the payment within 24 hours, you will be banned. Keep it short and simple for the best experience. Thanks for your support and we promise to be of great help to all customers acting in good faith.

5. Honesty And Reliability

We are the most reliable suppliers in the west coast, we send you exactly what you ordered for, we do not change or modify your order in any way. All transactions are 100% clean and we ensure probity. All delivery reaches you on time, we are completely reliable.

Other Advantages

We can help you get a medical marijuana card, we can help you invest in the 420 industry. We keep our word and we do exactly as we have promised. We ensure confidentiality and discretion. If you are looking for where to purchase legit marijuana online, it is here.