Platinum Ghost

Platinum Ghost PG


This indica-heavy hybrid (sativa/indica ratio unclear) delivers a strong, distinct odor and flavor of berries and hash plant. The nugs are dark green with brown hairs and a layer of trichome crystals. Platinum Ghost is said to deliver a potent and immediate high that hits both the body and the mind.




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Strain Name: Platinum Ghost

Grade: AAA+++

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Type: Indica Dominate Hybrid (Believed to be a White Rhino cousin) Colorado Cut Only.

Looks: A medium green tone with stacked calyxes and medium sized leaves. Grows bushy with minimal branching. Even mix of pistil coloration.

Smell: A nice mix of hash and berries.

Taste: Same as smell. Heavy hashy earthy taste with a slight berry kick.

Effects: Hits both your head and body at the same time. A nice mix. Can be used during the day. But with heavier dosages can cause lethargy.

Potency: Not the most potent but definitely does more than is needed. Can cause Couch Lock.

Good Strain For: Insomnia and mild pain.


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